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KINGTEX knitting needle supplier in bangladesh. All kinds of knitting needle available. S.T ENTERPRISE


Since its foundation in 1968, based on the basic principles, we are constantly striving for quality development and technological development.

Through these efforts, we were able to meet customer needs with the best quality and service
We have been able to produce and supply all kinds of needle used in the latest knitting machines.
Moreover, in order to produce reliable products, we need to have a sense of pride and pride in the worker’s quality,
It is very important that we adopt this as a basis when recruiting staff.

We, at ‘KING-TEX KNITTING NEEDLE’ are committed to:

Best Quality

Low Price

Fast Delivery


We believe that the only way to survive in the unlimited competition of the world market is to produce the highest quality products without defects,
I know I can win the competition. For advanced business, product research and development  is essential,
This is a very important resource for technical sales.

We listen to our customers’ various opinions and small voices and do our best to satisfy our customers.
We always strive to achieve the highest customer satisfaction.

All kinds of knitting needle available. S.T ENTERPRISE

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